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Get your Emotional Support Animal Certificate without ever leaving your home

How it Works

In 4 Easy Steps

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Filling Out a Form
Doctor and Patient
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Review Qualifying Conditions

The first thing you'll need to do is check if you qualify for an emotional support animal. See the list of approved conditions below.

Register with Green Mind Physicians

Fill out our quick intake form to get started with the emotional support animal certification process.​

Visit with Doctor

Book your appointment with a certified ESA doctor. You can do this instantly or schedule one at your convenience.​

Receive Your ESA Certification

Your appointment will generally be about 15 minutes. The doctor will fill out the required certification form and provide it to you upon completing your application.

Do You Qualify for an ESA?

Only qualifying patients can be prescribed an ESA certificate. Here is the complete list of conditions that qualify. Each individual patient is different, so check your qualifying conditions here.



Personality Disorders


Panic Attacks


Bipolar/Mood Disorders

Other emotional

/psychological conditions

Emotional Support Animal Legalization

The use of ESAs has become increasingly popular in recent years, and many individuals have found that having an ESA can be beneficial for their mental health.

Legalizing ESAs can provide individuals with disabilities with more access to emotional support animals in certain contexts, such as in housing or on airplanes. However, there has been some controversy surrounding the use of ESAs, with some individuals abusing the system by falsely claiming their pets are ESAs in order to gain certain benefits.


As a result, some states and organizations have implemented stricter regulations on the use of ESAs. Overall, ESA legalization is a complex issue that involves balancing the rights of individuals with disabilities with the need to prevent abuse of the system.

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