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"I have Fibromyalgia. Should I Cancel My Gym Membership?"

Updated: May 10

Living with fibromyalgia can feel like being on a roller coaster—especially when deciding whether to hit the gym or hit the couch. At Green Mind Physicians, we combine advanced medical knowledge with innovative treatments, like physician certifications for medical marijuana, to help manage your symptoms effectively. Let's jump right in - figuratively speaking of course!

Fibromyalgia isn't just widespread pain; it's about how that pain affects your quality of life.

Will I be able to get out of bed this morning?

Is my life going to be like this forever?

It's a multi-faceted condition that requires us to address our overall wellness, mind, body and that pre-paid spin class.

Here at Green Mind Physicians, we get that fibromyalgia hits everyone differently. That’s why we offer personalized treatment plans that fit your unique life puzzle. And unlike that gym membership, we have a return policy. Whether it's exploring our medical cards, or finding solutions to tackle Diabetes, we're here to tailor your treatment to your needs.

For many battling fibromyalgia, medical marijuana has been nothing short of a revelation. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, it's shown promise in easing chronic pain and improving sleep—which might just make the thought tomorrow morning less daunting. Our certified physicians are here to guide you through the certification process and integrate it seamlessly with your other treatments.

We continuously explore and integrate a range of evidence-based therapies to alleviate your symptoms and enhance your life quality. After all, managing fibromyalgia is about more than just managing pain—it's about reclaiming your joy and functionality.

Patients who embrace our integrative wellness approach often see remarkable improvements in life quality, symptom management, and stress reduction. It’s about crafting a care plan that empowers you to lead a fuller, more satisfying life.

Why not consider how Green Mind Physicians can help you reclaim your life?

At Green Mind Physicians today we develop a personalized plan that keeps you moving—

on your terms.

Ready to take the next step?


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